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Background and History of Seminar War Games

Distant History (including First Generation war games)

The Twentieth Century (Second and Third Generation)

Military Applications of Seminar War Gaming from the Recent Past

NATO Land Ops 2020 and NATO Urban Ops 2020 studies 1999-2000 included some of the larger seminar war activities within the Alliance as it looked to the future of land operations. The gaming aspects exploited the familiarity of the British operational research participants in running Technology Seminar War Games for their own Army.

Canadian Army Experimental Force (Exfor) Studies 2001-02

In 2001 and 2002 the Canadian Army conducted seminar war gaming to address the army structure of c.2025. Army staff worked closely with scientific staffs to assess the impact of new technology on land operations more than two decades on.

DoD Title X Wargames

These are seminar war games conducted at the highest level the US military services.